Before embarking on my Fulbright year at Oregon State University (OSU) I had thought I had a pretty concrete road-map of events I would attend outside of the Pacific Northwest. Thankfully, however, unexpected opportunities to enhance my experience in the US have continued to arise. While visiting Washington D.C. to attend the recent Department of […]

At the end of February I took the opportunity to decamp from a rainy Corvallis and travel to the frigid east coast to attend the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) biennial review of the various projects funded through the Water Power Program. While this office is also responsible for overseeing the hydro power industry, my […]

Too many months have passed since my last update, and there have been lots of things I should have been writing about since I returned from my trip to Oklahoma. Claire started work at Oregon State, removing the last point of stress and allowing us to fully settle in and make the most of our time […]

I could never have imagined that pursuing wave energy research in Oregon would draw me to the prairies of Oklahoma, nearly 750 km from the nearest coastline. Last week, however, I was privileged to travel to Tulsa to attend a Fulbright Scholars Enrichment Seminar, organised by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and […]

I recently contributed a presentation as part of Oregon State’s and the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center’s (NNMREC) weekly Marine Forum. I spoke about the recent developments in the wave energy sector in Ireland, and the outlook for the future, the links being developed between UCC’s Beaufort Research group, IMERC and NNMREC and my […]

When I look back on my time in Oregon I’m sure one of the highlights will be receiving one of the ‘Pierce Brosnan Emmigrant Shout-Outs” (#PBESO) on the Second Captains Irish Times podcast, one of my favourite sources of sports news and commentary. Having attending an OSU Beavers football game on the day of the […]

My Fulbright-Marine Institute project on wave energy resource assessment at Oregon State is the subject of an article in the most recent edition of the magazine. Fellow Fulbrighter and renewable energy researcher Brendan Cleary is also profiled. Brendan is a PhD student at the Dublin Energy Lab in DIT and will be spending six […]

This blog has been quiet since I arrived in the US just over two weeks ago, so an update is long overdue. Already the time has started to race by, a subtle reminder of the need to extract as much as possible from each day before its time to return home. Catching up with friends […]

Con Houlihan, the great writer, journalist and Kerryman, proposed the three saddest words in the English language are “the last time”. Today I spent my final day in Killarney before departing to begin my Fulbright Scholarship at Oregon State University. I am unquestionably thrilled and excited to be embarking on this once in a lifetime opportunity and those who know […]

The impulse to write about my time in the United States arose early on in my path to becoming a Fulbright scholar. As I compiled my initial application and prepared for my interview I found that the blogs produced my other Fulbrighters offered some of the most revealing insights into both their specific projects and the wider benefits that […]


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