And so it begins!

This blog has been quiet since I arrived in the US just over two weeks ago, so an update is long overdue. Already the time has started to race by, a subtle reminder of the need to extract as much as possible from each day before its time to return home. Catching up with friends and family in San Francisco quickly transformed into life on the road as Claire and I followed the coast into Oregon, and inland towards Eugene and Portland, before arriving in Corvallis in the midst of an ominous thunderstorm. Thankfully the weather has acquiesced since then and we’ve been able to start getting a sense of what life is like in an archetypical College Town, USA. We still have a lot to do before we’re settled down but things are slowly starting to fall into place.

As my Fulbright experience starts in earnest over the coming weeks there will be plenty more posts, but for now here are some photo highlights of our time in the US to date.


Classic Americana: ‘A League of Their Own’ in Redwood City

Unexpected traffic

Unexpected traffic

Trinidad Bay

Trinidad Bay

Welcome to Oregon!

Tsunamis were a constant worry on the road.

Tsunamis were a constant worry on the road.

By the beautiful Oregon coast

By the beautiful Oregon coast

Go Beavs!

Go Beavs!

Home for the year.

Home for the year


  1. Watch out for those tsunamis. Danger here!

  2. Looks like things are going well so far Brendan!

  3. Did you not notice that my mom’s house is right on the tsunami evacuation route? You were in danger the whole time!

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